04 January 2010

Missed a Day

Grr....I had every intention of this being a daily blog.  Did not get to it yesterday.  I had a good day and got lots of things done around the house.  All the laundry done, dishes done, vacuuming done, and so much more.  It was awesome.  Unfortunately, I am paying for it today.  My knees are hurting pretty badly.  Not going to get much done today, but that is alright.  I am going to spend some times playing with the kiddos.
  Good thing for the day is that I signed up with Close To My Heart scrapbooking company.  I am so excited to get started.  I already have a stamp club set up for the 24th.  I cannot wait.  Anyone out there want to order let me know.  It would be awesome..... I will even send you the page kits with a $25 order.  Just thought I would put it out there.
  Will try to post tonight after we see how the day goes.

Pain Level Today - 4 knees

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