13 January 2010

Day at home

  I am hoping that today is a quiet day at home.  The boys are playing with the race track and I am watching the Today show.  No preschool today, so we are making it a PJ day.  We are hoping to just stay home and hang out.  I am feeling pretty, so hopefully I can get the house picked up and cleaned a bit.  When I am hurting things are not getting done....go figure.  I would love to have a house cleaner, but Dave Ramsey says that is extravagant.  So, that is out!  I will just have to push myself and do it.  Pain pills, real ones, are going to become my best friends.  I have tramadol, they are not suppose to be habit forming.  Well, that is one of the good things about it.  I am always scared of becoming addicted to meds.
Pain Level:  1- just in my left ankle.

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