10 January 2010

Caffeine Is My Friend

  Yet another sleepless night.  Grump.  The pain in my right hip and knee were awful.  I am having to drug out on caffeine just to stay awake.  Here is how it happened:  By 8:30 last night everyone in the house was asleep (including my husband).  I was on the couch with all the lights and the TV off.  I was trying to sleep, even took a whole sleeping pill last night, had two pain pill too.  But, it did not happen.  I lie here dozing, I guess, but the pain kept waking me.  By midnight, I was in so much pain I woke my husband up.  Matt got me another pain pill, a heating pad, and my crutches.  I had to potty and there was no way I was going to be able to walk that far.
  After that, I managed to sleep for a couple of hours.  Too bad my 4 yr old decided that 5:30 was a good time t get up.  I sent him back to bed twice....he is not suppose to get up until 6.  At 6, I finally turned the TV on Disney for him.  He was so nice, he took my pillows into my room for me.  I crutched myself to bed.  I did sleep for 3 solid hours after that.  Matt got up with the boys and kept them quiet.  I did not get out of the bed until 9.  That was awesome.
  I am now sitting on the couch and playing on the computer.  Matt is playing is Wii Golf, Max is watching and waiting so he can play Mario Cart Wii.  Ben is wondering around playing with his toys.  Great little imagination on that one.  Max (4 yr old) has been especially sweet to me the last two days.  He checks in with me every 20 mins or so, asking if there is anything I need or anything he can do for me (such a sensitive child).  I am so blessed to have my family.....they are a great support and a great distraction.
  Lying still and not being able to do much is not my best quality.  While I am not particularly active, it would be nice to be able to get up and get a drink or even go to the bathroom on my own.  GRUMP!

Positive for today - it is a beautiful day outside.  Sunny and 50...we may have to open the door for some fresh air.  My boys (all three of them) are happy and enjoying playing together.  I am enjoying my third cup of coffee, writing here and then going to make a grocery list.  It would be a great day if I could get Matt to do the grocery shopping (LOL).

Pain Level:  8 Left hip and knee.

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