02 January 2010

Innocent Accident

  Innocent things that can really hurt.  I was lying on the couch with Ben (my 2 yr old) this morning.  He decided that it was time to get off.  I had my arm around it so he rolled over it and off the couch.  My are bent backwards almost 90 degrees.  It was totally an innocent accident.  An every day occurrence that hurts so badly.  Not sure if it dislocated or just hyper-extended.  Pain runs from my elbow all the way through my ring and pinky fingers.  Grr.
  My husband is out reffing wrestling and I was looking forward to a fun day with the kids.  I have decided that we are going to have a movie day since activity is out of the question.  It is almost lunch and then naps for the kids.  I may sleep too, not sure yet.  I might just read, I have a new book.
  Positive out of this whole thing (right now) is that it looks like I am going to become ambidextrous.  Guess that could be a good thing, too bad I cannot play softball any more.  It would be fun to decide what side of the plate to bat from.  At least, I can dream about it now.  LMAO.  That is what I am finding funny about today (thanks for the advice Aunt Joanne).

Pain Level Today - 6 1/2 Mainly in my right elbow and hand (go figure).

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