21 January 2010

Forgot to tell you

  My doctor called from the VA yesterday.  She had some awesome news.  I was very afraid that I was going to end up with a government therapist that knew nothing about EDS, but that is not my fate.  Dr. Rose was able to out source my therapy to a local therapist that specializes in EDS and can do pool therapy.  Hooray.  Who would have guest it?  I am so excited. It will most likely take a couple of weeks to actually get started, but at least I get to do it.
  I should also be getting my cane this week.  Not so excited about this, but at least I will have it  when needed.  I have decided to get my shiny little jewels and my hot glue gun.  I am going to make it mine.

Pain Level: 3 - right hip


  1. What happens when you move to Holyoke? What are you going to do about a doctor and therapy out there?

  2. We are not going to move for awhile...think we should stay here and get some debt paid off.

  3. Just remember that Holyoke does have a new hospital with therpy rooms and the city has a indoor heated pool. And, it could be cheaper to live out here.