13 January 2010

End of the Day

  It is the end of the day and I got a few things finished.  The kitchen was clean, before I cooked dinner.  Why does living have to be the same thing?  I did do some laundry, that will have to be done again next week.  Same with the pain in my life...today it is not so bad, but tomorrow we will have it back.  Just a vicious circle that goes round and round.

  Okay, maybe I am not out of my funk.  At least an old friend came back into my life today....she has always been inspirational to me.  She does not see it, but she has been through a lot and is still going strong.  I am glad she is back.  Just a quick shout out to my granola friend (LOL).

Pain Level - Up from earlier in my knee and ankle - 5

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