27 January 2010

Feels Like a Human Freak Show

  I just got home from the physical therapist.  It is really crazy to go somewhere for help for EDS and have people look at you like a FREAK.  The first therapist kept purposely hyper flexing all my joints because he had never seen it before.  Then they paraded each of the other therapist in and kept bending and twisting so everyone could see it.  OUCH.  Guess they know nothing about EDS.  First rule, hyper flex joints as little as possible because it makes pain worse and stretches ligaments even further.
  So, after being the dog and pony show for the afternoon, I was told they basically don't know how to treat me. So, I had to suggest pool therapy to build muscle around joints, but not put the pressure on joints. They did mention bracing joints....did tell me that the knee brace the VA PT gave me was totally wrong and was doing more damage than good.  The PT will call the Dr from the VA this week and get back to me next about a plan of action.   DAMN.  I am sorry, but that is a nice word for me right now.  I want to use every word in the book right now.
  How can there be a syndrome and no one know how to treat it?  I can understand that there is no cure, but at least some sort of treatment would be nice.  I am 34 yrs old and I am not going to be in a wheel chair in 15 years when my youngest graduates from high school.  If you know of any way to prevent further degradation of the ligaments, I would really appreciate it.  I am going to deal with this and try to bring it to the attention of others, this is probably under diagnosed.   How do I get the word out?  The EDNF.org sucks.  They do not give enough information.

PISSED OFF today, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.... I have the musculoskeletal  doctor.  Maybe that person will know more about EDS.  Doubtful, it is the VA after all.  But, if I keep telling the Dr what they need to know, I might just get something done.

Pain Level:  5-6 All over, thanks to the physical therapist.

25 January 2010

Slowly getting Better

  It is a new week and I am trying to make it around.  I actually left the house and took Max to preschool.  He was so happy to go, he hates to miss it.  I also made it to Walmart, but I am paying for it now.
  I have two significant appointments this week.  One, physical/pool therapy on Wednesday and an appt at muscularskelatal clinic.
  I have to say that I am just too tired to write much right now.  Is that normal?  Is my body using the energy to hold itself together?  I am just getting more and more tired everyday.

23 January 2010

Life is changing

  First, I must tell you that we have decided not to move to Holyoke for awhile.  Not only are we trying to save money, but we have decided that it would be better for me to stay where I can have easy access to medical care.  Would not want to move and have stop therapy or have to drive 2 hours to do it. So, we are going to stay in the Colorado Springs area, but seriously considering selling the house and moving up north.  Maybe we will buy a house up there or move into an apartment complex where there is a pool and a hot tub....both of those would be beneficial to me and aliments.
  Second, I have not been on here for several days.  The reason is I slipped on a piece of paper on Thursday AM and popped my knee cap out.  It easily went back in, but the swelling and pain was awful.  Matt had to come home from work on Thursday and stay home Friday.  (Have I told you how wonderful he is?)  I could not put any pressure on it for a couple of days.  Today Matt had to go and ref wrestling today, so I am on my own with the kids.  I have put my knee brace on to keep it stable and have been using my crutches.  I am able to take care of my kiddos with help from them.  Max (4 yrs) has been a tremendous help.  I hobble into the kitchen and Max gets things and carries them for me.  I am hoping to go to my friend Joanna's for her clothes give away.  She has so many cute things....and she is giving them away.  Not sure why, but I certainly will be donating to her donation box.  She is not expecting us to pay for things, but she is in a tight spot.  So, I will be helping her.
  I have an appointment to go to therapy on Wednesday next week.  I cannot believe that it happened so fast.  The VA usually takes forever to get things done, but the day after my Dr. put in the request the sports and spine clinic called.  I am going to get my evaluation and hopefully get started on therapy by next Friday.
  Speaking of next weekend, I am going to get some alone time.  My husband will be taking our boys out to Granna and Grandpa's.   It is nice to have some time alone every once in awhile.  I also have my first really gathering for Close To My Heart.  Jenny is hosting it and she is such an awesome hostess.  She sent 30 evites out already.  Yeah.  Have a bunch of cards to get ready.  Guess that is what I will do Saturday without the kids or interruptions.

Pain Level: 6-7  left knee

21 January 2010

Forgot to tell you

  My doctor called from the VA yesterday.  She had some awesome news.  I was very afraid that I was going to end up with a government therapist that knew nothing about EDS, but that is not my fate.  Dr. Rose was able to out source my therapy to a local therapist that specializes in EDS and can do pool therapy.  Hooray.  Who would have guest it?  I am so excited. It will most likely take a couple of weeks to actually get started, but at least I get to do it.
  I should also be getting my cane this week.  Not so excited about this, but at least I will have it  when needed.  I have decided to get my shiny little jewels and my hot glue gun.  I am going to make it mine.

Pain Level: 3 - right hip

20 January 2010

Update on my current issues

  I am sorry it has been a couple of days since I posted anything here.  I have been lying on the couch in pain most of the time.   My husband has been fabulous and he stayed home yesterday to take care of the kids.
  My hip still hurts, but not as bad as it has the last couple of days.  The muscles around it are still swollen and painful.  I believe it has corrected itself and is back in the proper position.  The coldness has gone away.  Amy told me that is a really bad sign and if I have it again, I should go see someone.  I will have to be more aware of that in the future. I did leave the house today and run around town a little, but I made sure to use my handicap sticker so I did not have walk as far.  At least every place I went, my business was right inside the door and the bank was even drive up.  Funny how I now have to think about and plan these things before going out.

  I am still in good spirits, despite the pain.  I have almost made my first month sales goal of $300.  I am so close that if I get one more order I might just make it.  So, if you are interested in helping me out....go to......
charlee.myctmh.com.  You can order directly from the site and check out there too.  I am also thrilled to say my dear friend Jenny is going to host a card workshop in a couple of weeks.  I am so pumped about this new opportunity to share my love of card making and scrapbooking.

Hugs and Kisses to all, along with prayers for all of those affected by EDS.

17 January 2010

CRAP that hurt

  I had a great day.....I did my first stamp club and it was awesome.  The pages we did were great....I am so proud of myself.  My friends had a good time and I made a few bucks.  Yeah.

  Now to the bad part. I closed the gate to the stairs when everyone left.  So, on my way back up from cleaning up, I stepped over the gate.  My hip popped in 3 different spots.  Holy Crap that hurt.  I am sure I dislocated it and I not sure if it is back in place properly.  I am still in a bit of pain...took 2 pain pills, but it still feels cold.  It is really a weird sensation.

  That is how it goes around here.

15 January 2010


  I woke up essentially pain free this morning.  Unfortunately, I woke up with a headache.  I think those are the worst kind....who wakes up with a headache?
  Nothing planned today.

14 January 2010

Good VA

  Today the VA gods were nice to me.  I called and had intended to leave a message for Dr. Rose, much to my surprise she was there and answered the phone.  What?! That never happens.  She was super nice.  She said that she had taken the time to go over the University hosp, which is connect to the VA hosp, and talk to her old boss who is a specialist in this.  What?!  No one at the VA is ever proactive.  Then I asked her about a cane for the days I am having problems with my knee.  I also asked about getting some stronger pain killers for the days that are really bad.  "No problem," she said, "I will put those orders in right away."  What?!  Right away?  That never happens.  I asked her about finding a Physical Therapist in Colorado Springs who specializes in EDS.  "I can do that," she said, "I will talk to the physical therapist we have there and see if he can recommend anyone."  What?!  That easy to get outside the system. I then told her that I had been reading blogs and chat rooms about EDS and a number of people had good results with pool therapy.  She said, "I know of several physical therapy places in Colorado Springs that have great programs."  "I might also get a one on one therapy set up for you, let me see what I can do,"  she said.
  I am totally blown away about this turn of events.  Usually the VA is a bunch of red tape and waiting months to get answers or see someone.  I am so thrilled.  I think I may have found the one doctor in the whole VA system who gives a crap about her patients.  Yeah for me.  I may have to send her chocolates or something, a thank you card for sure.  Dr. Rose rocks.

New Day

  The beginning of a new day.  Well, not the beginning.....we have been up for several hours (more like 4 hours). My little ones are just like an alarm clock.  Even though I did not get much sleep, Max had nightmares all night, I am feeling pretty good. Sleepy, but pretty good.
  I got up, fed the kids had some coffee, washed my face and got dressed for the day.  It always makes me feel good to do that.  The people at Max's school are probably wondering what happened to me the last several weeks.  I have not really gotten myself together until this week.  No make up and sweat pants were the only things I wore.  I did not really even do my hair.  I wore lots of baseball caps.
  While I am feeling better, I am still worried.  I have been reading a chat group from yahoo and it makes me so sad.  It used to be a group that focused on kids and last night I went to bed writing an email in my head to the group asking for adult support.  Well, this morning I got on and there were a number of adults on there.  They were talking about pain and how to deal with it.  There was someone talking about SI joint injections and the pain they had.  It is just the same as my pain.  They were saying that it is caused from the SI joint dislocating itself.  WOW, finally someone with one of the problems I have.  Not good news though, the conversation was not hopeful.  It was about what kind of canes, walkers, and wheel chairs to use.  Several people were saying how they plan every step of their day out to avoid too much pain.  Grrr, really, this is what I have to look forward to?
  I am already looking for a cane, but they are not really in the budget.  We will have to figure it out or I will end up with the standard gray metal one.  Ugly, but I guess if it helps me walk a bit, it is what I will have to use.  I am not ready for the idea of a walker or a wheel chair.   I am only 34 years old, but my body feel like it in the 70s.  A walker, I just cannot even start to believe it might be part of my life shortly.  I have two small boys and I want to be able to enjoy them as long as possible. I just don't know what I am going to do.  If I spend most of the day on the couch, I can do things with them for a couple of hours.  But, if I do that, I don't get much done around the house then.  It is so unfair to ask my husband to do so much for all of us.  He already works 40 hours a week, refs wrestling twice a week and takes care of us.
  Well, enough of my ranting for the day.  I have to get up and get the kids lunch ready and then it is time to take Max to preschool.  Can you imagine me doing that with a cane or walker?  to preschool, really?

Positive for the day, I am working on my club pages.  And, I am so excited, I have 7 people already signed up for the monthly club.  I also have 2 guests coming this month.  If anyone out there is interested, I can send you the pages and recipes to make them....we could figure out the cost or amount to order....we would also have to figure out how to make you a hostess one month so you can get the benefits.

Pain Level today - minimal....left ankle.

13 January 2010

End of the Day

  It is the end of the day and I got a few things finished.  The kitchen was clean, before I cooked dinner.  Why does living have to be the same thing?  I did do some laundry, that will have to be done again next week.  Same with the pain in my life...today it is not so bad, but tomorrow we will have it back.  Just a vicious circle that goes round and round.

  Okay, maybe I am not out of my funk.  At least an old friend came back into my life today....she has always been inspirational to me.  She does not see it, but she has been through a lot and is still going strong.  I am glad she is back.  Just a quick shout out to my granola friend (LOL).

Pain Level - Up from earlier in my knee and ankle - 5

Day at home

  I am hoping that today is a quiet day at home.  The boys are playing with the race track and I am watching the Today show.  No preschool today, so we are making it a PJ day.  We are hoping to just stay home and hang out.  I am feeling pretty, so hopefully I can get the house picked up and cleaned a bit.  When I am hurting things are not getting done....go figure.  I would love to have a house cleaner, but Dave Ramsey says that is extravagant.  So, that is out!  I will just have to push myself and do it.  Pain pills, real ones, are going to become my best friends.  I have tramadol, they are not suppose to be habit forming.  Well, that is one of the good things about it.  I am always scared of becoming addicted to meds.
Pain Level:  1- just in my left ankle.

11 January 2010

Long Day

  I have had a long day today.  It was actually pretty good.  I got the phone, internet and cable switched over to qwest today.  I am very happy about that....Dave Ramsey just saved me $55 a month.  One step closer to being out of debt.
  I did go to Walmart to do the grocery shopping.  That was trying all on its own.  I was feeling good when we started.  Max and Ben were a handful, but we got through it, in an hour and a half.  I gave in and did go to McDs for dinner.  Came out of my allowance, but there is no way I could have stood on my feet and cooked after that trip.  I realized on the way home that my right leg was hurting.  I managed to get the groceries in the house (Matt is at a wrestling meeting) and get the kids fed.  I was done after that....I got the kids to pick up their toys and got them to bed.  Yeah!
  I am not hoping that Ben will go to sleep.  He has had a hard time doing that lately, makes for a long evening.  But, he is quiet right now and I am sitting on the couch with a heating pad.  Makes me happy for now....Darn forgot the M & Ms.

Pain level: 5 right leg (hip,knee,ankle).

Feeling Better Today

  I am finally feeling much better today.  I think a full days rest was really helpful.  My husband was amazing yesterday.  He took care of the kids and did all the cooking.  He also carried me around as I needed or got my crutches for me.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  I am so appreciative for him.
  Today's outlook is promising.  This morning we are going to hang out quietly.  Max has school this afternoon and then we are going to Walmart to go grocery shopping.  Walmart is a hard place for me to go and not spend extra money.  So, wish me luck!  Dave Ramsey is already yelling at me in my head.
  Living with EDS is much harder than I thought it would.  I already had the pain and it hurt, but waking up knowing the pain will never really go away.  I am looking forward to my appt in March.  I really wish it was sooner.  I have so many questions to ask.  I want to know how quickly this will progress.  Is there anything I can do to slow that?   Will changing my diet help me feel better?  What activities should I avoid to ensure that I do not hurt myself further?  Is there a different pain med that can help me any better than what I am taking?  Should I file for more VA benefits?  Since it is not in our budget, can the VA pay for my pass to swim? Will it always be an up and down roller coaster?  Lots of questions.....maybe I will call up there.

Positive for the day - I am looking forward to getting some things done around the house.  I would like to work on my scrapbook pages tonight (stamp club is on Sunday).  Matt got paid from one of the tournaments he did for wrestling, so we can switch from Comcast to Qwest (may mean we are off the net for awhile).  I am feeling great this morning (compared to this weekend).

Pain Level : 3 hips and knees.

10 January 2010

Caffeine Is My Friend

  Yet another sleepless night.  Grump.  The pain in my right hip and knee were awful.  I am having to drug out on caffeine just to stay awake.  Here is how it happened:  By 8:30 last night everyone in the house was asleep (including my husband).  I was on the couch with all the lights and the TV off.  I was trying to sleep, even took a whole sleeping pill last night, had two pain pill too.  But, it did not happen.  I lie here dozing, I guess, but the pain kept waking me.  By midnight, I was in so much pain I woke my husband up.  Matt got me another pain pill, a heating pad, and my crutches.  I had to potty and there was no way I was going to be able to walk that far.
  After that, I managed to sleep for a couple of hours.  Too bad my 4 yr old decided that 5:30 was a good time t get up.  I sent him back to bed twice....he is not suppose to get up until 6.  At 6, I finally turned the TV on Disney for him.  He was so nice, he took my pillows into my room for me.  I crutched myself to bed.  I did sleep for 3 solid hours after that.  Matt got up with the boys and kept them quiet.  I did not get out of the bed until 9.  That was awesome.
  I am now sitting on the couch and playing on the computer.  Matt is playing is Wii Golf, Max is watching and waiting so he can play Mario Cart Wii.  Ben is wondering around playing with his toys.  Great little imagination on that one.  Max (4 yr old) has been especially sweet to me the last two days.  He checks in with me every 20 mins or so, asking if there is anything I need or anything he can do for me (such a sensitive child).  I am so blessed to have my family.....they are a great support and a great distraction.
  Lying still and not being able to do much is not my best quality.  While I am not particularly active, it would be nice to be able to get up and get a drink or even go to the bathroom on my own.  GRUMP!

Positive for today - it is a beautiful day outside.  Sunny and 50...we may have to open the door for some fresh air.  My boys (all three of them) are happy and enjoying playing together.  I am enjoying my third cup of coffee, writing here and then going to make a grocery list.  It would be a great day if I could get Matt to do the grocery shopping (LOL).

Pain Level:  8 Left hip and knee.

09 January 2010

Anything to help the Pain

  Why is it that I cannot find anything to even touch the pain?  My knee hurts and I just want to feel semi normal. Right now I can barely walk.  I am trying to be positive, but I am not sure I can wait until March 3rd for more information on how to handle this. I know I have to live with this pain, but really, can't we make it more manageable?

Just Another Day

  Today is turning out to be just another day.  Matt is out to a wrestling tournament today, so I am home with the kiddos.  While I am still in a bit of pain, we have been playing Hot Wheels and reading books.  Now we are watching "Hook."  Max seems really into it, but Ben is still playing with the cars and building things.  It is fun to see how his little mind is working and growing.
  Last night was an awful night of sleep.  My knees hurt so I took 2 tramadol and iced it for awhile.  Right before bed I took the rest of my meds, to include my sleeping pill.  I slept pretty good from 9:30 to 11:30, after that I could just not sleep well.  Ben woke up coughing.....Matt had trouble sleeping too and actually got up and watched TV for awhile.  I was awake every time Matt moved or every 30 minutes or so.  I changed positions when I woke up, but still found myself in pain.  My back was really giving me fits.  We really need to get a new mattress, but now that we are doing Dave Ramsey, we will not get one for awhile.  (I am hoping that when we move, we might be able to get the sleep number mattress from Grandma).
  I am hoping to get out of the house for some Mommy time today.  I used to scrapbook weekly at a friends house, but that has not happened since before Christmas.  I am hoping Matt gets home in time for me to pick up my stuff from Bobbie's and get to Cynthia's to spend time there.  I want to get my scrapbook page finished for Stamp Club next week.  I am really excited about that.  If I cannot meet up with my friends, I need to get my stuff and work on the page here.
  I hope that all of you have a wonderful day.  It is nice to not be below freezing here today.

Pain Level - 6 Lower Back, knees : 4 fingers.

08 January 2010

Stressed OUT

  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Just woke up tired today.  I did not sleep well because my knees hurt.  My pain pills did not even touch the pain.  I could not get comfortable.  I slept on the couch to keep Matt from waking up with me all night, he does have to work in the AM.
   I am not sure that is the only reason I did not sleep.  We started on the Dave Ramsey "Total Money Makeover" this week.  AAHHH!  I cannot believe how far off I was about our situation.  I am just freaking out. We can pay all our monthly bills, but had no idea the rest of it was so bad.  I feel horrible about it because it is mostly my fault.  I am a spender.  I know that I have a problem.  The world SALE just draws me in the store.  I don't usually buy things we don't use, but I still buy more than I need to.  We started this on Monday....we each get a small allowance every two weeks, but dang it has been hard this week not to spend money.  Hopefully it will get easier for me.  I had nightmares about money two nights ago. I think I need to get a part time job, but that is not really reasonable with these two little ones.  Matt and I decided when Max was little that our boys would not be reared by someone else.  Matt is already doing wrestling in the evenings and with such a crazy schedule I would not be available the same time each week.
   Then there are my boys.  I love them to death, but sometimes they drive me nuts.  I am here with them all day everyday.  Some days my hubby is not even home while they are awake.  But, right now that is not my biggest concern.  These two have had a cough for 3 months now.  It is starting to freak me out.  Ben has a runny nose still too.  He is the worst and wakes up coughing in the middle of the night.  I just don't know what to do....I have called the doc and he says that this cough lingers for awhile.  I am not sure about that, but right now we cannot afford another hospital stay with Ben.  I am still paying for the last two.  I am doing breathing treatments, cough medicine and honey, trying to keep the cough at bay.  Grump.  I am just at my wits end with this.
   With all the pain I have been having, my house is a mess.  I did put away all the Christmas stuff yesterday (finally).  But, after doing that, I hurt so badly today that I am not going to get anything done today.  Drives me nuts.  I really wanted to get the kitchen completely cleaned, some laundry finished, and get my scrap room in order.  I just started with Close To My Heart stamping and scrapbooking company and I need to be organized.
  I am also filing a claim with the VA and they have already screwed it up.  I only filed it 5 days ago and they have it all wrong.  The claim I am making is very specific and they have me claiming something totally different.  I called the national office (it was the number on my letter) and got them to note the change.  I was told that they would send the information to the local regional office.  Yeah right, I am not sure it will ever get there.   It is just going to take me months to get it all right.  Talk about stressful.  I am also hoping to file for EDS, but that will have to wait or the VA might get too confused with all the claims.
  To make it all worse, I don't even have any peanut M&Ms.  I have already spent my allowance, so I cannot even go get some........Grrr.

I am done bitching now.  Just needed an outlet and this worked.

I am going to sit on the couch, watch the boys play and watch kid movies today.

Pain level today - 8 Knees, hips, ankles.

06 January 2010

Good Morning

  I am feeling extremely tired today.  I started having some serious hip pain yesterday.  Walking is nearly unbearable today.  I did take my pain pill last night, but sleep was difficult.  It probably would have been nice if Ben had slept too.  Poor little guy was up coughing all night....he coughed so hard he threw up twice.  I feel so bad for him.  I know that I need to worry about me, but it is hard sometimes when my little ones need me.  I always put them first.  What else am I suppose to do?  I need to take care of them.  That is why I stay home and don't work.  My husband has stayed home when I need him, but I cannot ask him to stay home all the time.  Got to figure out how to deal with this all.

Not feeling very funny today....or happy.  I will have to work on that.  I can say, though, that I am very thankful for my kids.  Sometimes they just melt your heart.  Yesterday we were at Walmart and Max (4 yr) asked me if we could get a card for Daddy.  He told me that Daddy worked so hard that we should thank him for it.  The card was cute...said Smile on the front and on the inside talked about how awesome the person who gave that card though the receiver was.  It was so sweet.

Pain Level - 7 major hip pain.

04 January 2010

Love my own pain pills...............

I have to say that I have been taking my real meds regularly, but I have my own incentive to have a good day.  If I do not feel sorry for myself, get somethings accomplished around the house, take my son to school, cook a nice dinner and shower (does not always happen with two little ones), I give myself some of my own pain pills, PEANUT M & Ms.  Yummo, they can heal whatever ails you.

Okay, so sometimes I indulge even if I have had a bad day.  LMAO.

Pain Level Now - 4 knees are sore right now, maybe from sitting with them tucked up for too long.

Missed a Day

Grr....I had every intention of this being a daily blog.  Did not get to it yesterday.  I had a good day and got lots of things done around the house.  All the laundry done, dishes done, vacuuming done, and so much more.  It was awesome.  Unfortunately, I am paying for it today.  My knees are hurting pretty badly.  Not going to get much done today, but that is alright.  I am going to spend some times playing with the kiddos.
  Good thing for the day is that I signed up with Close To My Heart scrapbooking company.  I am so excited to get started.  I already have a stamp club set up for the 24th.  I cannot wait.  Anyone out there want to order let me know.  It would be awesome..... I will even send you the page kits with a $25 order.  Just thought I would put it out there.
  Will try to post tonight after we see how the day goes.

Pain Level Today - 4 knees

02 January 2010

better now

  I am not sure who is reading this or who even cares, but it sure is making me feel better.

  After my accident this morning, I spent a lot of time on the couch with heat.  Once my husband got home, he started taking care of the kids and made dinner.  I thank God for him everyday.  He helps keep me sane and happy.  My elbow is feeling better....still pops, but better.  My hand still hurts though.  I am not sure why.  My right hand just aches all the time.....the later in the day the more it feels almost swollen.  I tried to play the Wii racing game with my husband, but holding onto the steering wheel and pressing buttons finally got to be too much for me.

  Getting ready for bed.  Took all my meds, man I feel like I take a whole pharmacy every day.  Grr.  Good thing is that when they checked my liver last year I was told I have a liver of a 20 yr old.  Too funny, I did my share of drinking (guess I could do more) and have taken so many meds for so many reasons, I thought I would be on the transplant list by now.

Pain Level Tonight -  5 in my hands and 4 for my elbow

Innocent Accident

  Innocent things that can really hurt.  I was lying on the couch with Ben (my 2 yr old) this morning.  He decided that it was time to get off.  I had my arm around it so he rolled over it and off the couch.  My are bent backwards almost 90 degrees.  It was totally an innocent accident.  An every day occurrence that hurts so badly.  Not sure if it dislocated or just hyper-extended.  Pain runs from my elbow all the way through my ring and pinky fingers.  Grr.
  My husband is out reffing wrestling and I was looking forward to a fun day with the kids.  I have decided that we are going to have a movie day since activity is out of the question.  It is almost lunch and then naps for the kids.  I may sleep too, not sure yet.  I might just read, I have a new book.
  Positive out of this whole thing (right now) is that it looks like I am going to become ambidextrous.  Guess that could be a good thing, too bad I cannot play softball any more.  It would be fun to decide what side of the plate to bat from.  At least, I can dream about it now.  LMAO.  That is what I am finding funny about today (thanks for the advice Aunt Joanne).

Pain Level Today - 6 1/2 Mainly in my right elbow and hand (go figure).

01 January 2010

New Year

  Today is the first day of the new year.  I am excited about it.  I am hoping that I can learn to live with EDS this year.
  I want so many things for this new year.  I want my boys to be healthy and happy.  I want my husband to be satisfied with his new job as a teacher this fall.  I want to find a home that I can make my own....and know that I will live there the rest of my life.  I want to make my new Close To My Heart business successful (not to make lots of money, but to sustain itself and my habit).
  I may not be able to do all the physical things I once could, but there are so many other things I can still do.  There is nothing effecting my mind, which is great news.  I love to read and learn new things.  I can still scrapbook (maybe not with the itty bitty pieces).  I can teach my boys many things.  I can take care of my husband and my family.  I can still take care of my home (and decorate a new one).
  Today I am hopeful.  I will need lots of support through this adventure, but I am going to make my life the happiest it can be. I know there will be limitations, but I am hoping that I can find a way to blow through them.

Pain level today - 4 mainly in my fingers.