23 January 2010

Life is changing

  First, I must tell you that we have decided not to move to Holyoke for awhile.  Not only are we trying to save money, but we have decided that it would be better for me to stay where I can have easy access to medical care.  Would not want to move and have stop therapy or have to drive 2 hours to do it. So, we are going to stay in the Colorado Springs area, but seriously considering selling the house and moving up north.  Maybe we will buy a house up there or move into an apartment complex where there is a pool and a hot tub....both of those would be beneficial to me and aliments.
  Second, I have not been on here for several days.  The reason is I slipped on a piece of paper on Thursday AM and popped my knee cap out.  It easily went back in, but the swelling and pain was awful.  Matt had to come home from work on Thursday and stay home Friday.  (Have I told you how wonderful he is?)  I could not put any pressure on it for a couple of days.  Today Matt had to go and ref wrestling today, so I am on my own with the kids.  I have put my knee brace on to keep it stable and have been using my crutches.  I am able to take care of my kiddos with help from them.  Max (4 yrs) has been a tremendous help.  I hobble into the kitchen and Max gets things and carries them for me.  I am hoping to go to my friend Joanna's for her clothes give away.  She has so many cute things....and she is giving them away.  Not sure why, but I certainly will be donating to her donation box.  She is not expecting us to pay for things, but she is in a tight spot.  So, I will be helping her.
  I have an appointment to go to therapy on Wednesday next week.  I cannot believe that it happened so fast.  The VA usually takes forever to get things done, but the day after my Dr. put in the request the sports and spine clinic called.  I am going to get my evaluation and hopefully get started on therapy by next Friday.
  Speaking of next weekend, I am going to get some alone time.  My husband will be taking our boys out to Granna and Grandpa's.   It is nice to have some time alone every once in awhile.  I also have my first really gathering for Close To My Heart.  Jenny is hosting it and she is such an awesome hostess.  She sent 30 evites out already.  Yeah.  Have a bunch of cards to get ready.  Guess that is what I will do Saturday without the kids or interruptions.

Pain Level: 6-7  left knee

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