14 January 2010

Good VA

  Today the VA gods were nice to me.  I called and had intended to leave a message for Dr. Rose, much to my surprise she was there and answered the phone.  What?! That never happens.  She was super nice.  She said that she had taken the time to go over the University hosp, which is connect to the VA hosp, and talk to her old boss who is a specialist in this.  What?!  No one at the VA is ever proactive.  Then I asked her about a cane for the days I am having problems with my knee.  I also asked about getting some stronger pain killers for the days that are really bad.  "No problem," she said, "I will put those orders in right away."  What?!  Right away?  That never happens.  I asked her about finding a Physical Therapist in Colorado Springs who specializes in EDS.  "I can do that," she said, "I will talk to the physical therapist we have there and see if he can recommend anyone."  What?!  That easy to get outside the system. I then told her that I had been reading blogs and chat rooms about EDS and a number of people had good results with pool therapy.  She said, "I know of several physical therapy places in Colorado Springs that have great programs."  "I might also get a one on one therapy set up for you, let me see what I can do,"  she said.
  I am totally blown away about this turn of events.  Usually the VA is a bunch of red tape and waiting months to get answers or see someone.  I am so thrilled.  I think I may have found the one doctor in the whole VA system who gives a crap about her patients.  Yeah for me.  I may have to send her chocolates or something, a thank you card for sure.  Dr. Rose rocks.

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