09 January 2010

Just Another Day

  Today is turning out to be just another day.  Matt is out to a wrestling tournament today, so I am home with the kiddos.  While I am still in a bit of pain, we have been playing Hot Wheels and reading books.  Now we are watching "Hook."  Max seems really into it, but Ben is still playing with the cars and building things.  It is fun to see how his little mind is working and growing.
  Last night was an awful night of sleep.  My knees hurt so I took 2 tramadol and iced it for awhile.  Right before bed I took the rest of my meds, to include my sleeping pill.  I slept pretty good from 9:30 to 11:30, after that I could just not sleep well.  Ben woke up coughing.....Matt had trouble sleeping too and actually got up and watched TV for awhile.  I was awake every time Matt moved or every 30 minutes or so.  I changed positions when I woke up, but still found myself in pain.  My back was really giving me fits.  We really need to get a new mattress, but now that we are doing Dave Ramsey, we will not get one for awhile.  (I am hoping that when we move, we might be able to get the sleep number mattress from Grandma).
  I am hoping to get out of the house for some Mommy time today.  I used to scrapbook weekly at a friends house, but that has not happened since before Christmas.  I am hoping Matt gets home in time for me to pick up my stuff from Bobbie's and get to Cynthia's to spend time there.  I want to get my scrapbook page finished for Stamp Club next week.  I am really excited about that.  If I cannot meet up with my friends, I need to get my stuff and work on the page here.
  I hope that all of you have a wonderful day.  It is nice to not be below freezing here today.

Pain Level - 6 Lower Back, knees : 4 fingers.

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