08 July 2013

Wow, life has changed so much since I posted here last.

I am now living in Gulf Breeze, Florida and I love it. The moisture here in the air seems to help me so much.  I have enjoyed spending time at the beach floating in the salt water.  It is amazing how great it is not to have any pressure on your joints.

I also have to say that I have found the most amazing doctors here.  When I lived in Colorado Springs, I had to continually educate my doctors on EDS.  Here, everyone seems to know exactly what I am talking about with out any explanation. The Andrew's Institute has an amazing team of doctors.  I love my pain doctor.  He is so understanding and has got me on Cymbalta and I am feeling so much better.   I am out there and doing things again.

We bought a house here that is a total do-it-yourselfer.  My husband does most of the work, but I have been able to help do drywall and painting.  Next is plumbing and more.  I might actually get to try my hand at laminate flooring.  I just hope this all gets done before our lease is up.

I am also embarking on the Close To My Heart business again.  I love scrapbooking so much and these products are so awesome.  This is going to be a busy month...I ordered lots of the new stuff and I am going to be part of several new artwork swaps with other consultants.  I may post some of the artwork here when it is all done.  Wish me luck.

Life is looking up in the Sunshine state, despite all the rain!