11 October 2010

So sad

I have let my feelings get hurt, yet again.  I belonged to a great meetup group.  Most of my friends belong to the group.  I have had a falling out with the organizer, but I did not do anything to get myself kicked out of the group.  Too bad, that is what happened.

I am sure that she will read this. And, I just don't care at this point.  I have said and will not say anything that is not true.

I joined this group two years ago, or so.  I made some really great friends in the group.  I paid my dues like everyone else in March.  It is suppose to be for a whole year.  I know that I am being petty, but I want my $4.  I did nothing wrong according to the group rules.  All I did was have a fight with the organizer.  After the argument and falling out (end of friendship too)....I kept my distance, but liked being part of the group.  I made other friends in the group and would have liked to stay in.  I was not bothering her or doing anything that would have upset her.  Guess she just did not like me there and decided to kick me out.

I am so sad that this happened.  I am not upset that she and I are not friends anymore....I am not truly upset about being kicked out of the group.  I am upset that she took a connection away that I had with some friends.

I thought the petiteness was over, but I guess I was wrong.

This person has really hurt me and I have seen that people can be horrible.   BUT, I am not going to let this one person put me out.  I still think that people are generally good.  I will continue to think that, despite some people.

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