05 October 2010

Normal life?

I have scheduled several of Ben's appointments for the end of this week and the beginning of next.  That leaves me in a waiting pattern.  I am not very good at this part of the game.  I am a right now type person.  I know that about myself.....this is killing me.  I am horrible at waiting, but even worse at waiting to find out, what, if anything is wrong with my child.

I am trying to keep life going as if nothing were wrong.....Yesterday I went to the pumpkin patch with Ben and his preschool.  It was so much fun.  He got to pick a pumpkin for free. Catch was that he had to be able to carry it out of the patch by himself.  He had an enormous amount of fun, but I could tell that towards the end he was struggling.  He finally said that he just wanted to go home.  I carried him for the end of the trip.  He was  good sport and had a good time while he felt well.

Today we tried to keep things quiet.  He did really well until lunch.  Well, it was almost lunch time and he started to melt down.  I brought him upstairs and he decided that he did not want to eat.  He just went to bed and laid down.  He slept for several hours and then never asked for lunch after that.  It was sad.  I know my child is not himself when he does not want to eat.  After we picked Max up from school, he seemed okay.  I did take him to swim lessons this afternoon.   I want to keep his life a normal as possible.  He loves doing it, so why take it away from him while he still can???  He did really well, but coughed a lot.  He said that his chest hurt a little afterwards, but he was still smiling.

I brought him home and fed him dinner.  He seemed happy....but with a raised heart rate.  I put him to bed with a 124 heart rate.  He was not doing anything.  I just fed him and we watched tv.  I am not sure why his heart rate was up so high.  It makes me so nervous.

Tomorrow I take Max to the pumpkin patch and Ben has preschool.  Not much else going on....let's keep it that way.  Thursday I take Max in for his arm appt and then we do allergies for Ben on Friday.  

Life is Good.....God watches over us all.

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  1. A couple of quieter days is definitely what you need.... poor Ben, what a struggle! Hopefully you'll be making some progress on this thing, soon!