18 October 2010


It is nice and chilly today.  AND, I love it!  I did not turn the furnace on, but we did turn the fire place on this AM to warm up the main part of the house.  Now, it is perfect. The boys are not so sure....it is kinda gray and they really wanted to go outside and play.  Good for them it will in the 70's tomorrow and we will be out playing.

We have the cardio appt today and I am nervous, but as my dad says.  Don't borrow trouble.  It will all be okay, and if it is not, we will figure it all out together as a family.  And, I mean all of the family....Me, Matt, and all the parents on both sides.  Everyone has been so supportive of all that is going on.  Thanks guys.

Matt is off doing his thing and both of the boys are at school.  It is awesome to have some quiet time to myself.  I am not running around shopping or having to do much.  I am happily sitting her with my coffee, watching the Today show and writing.  Yeah....a few minutes to myself before the running of life starts again.

So much for time to myself.  Ben's teacher called to let me know that Ben had pooped on the floor and stepped in it.  I guess he was really upset....so off I went.

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  1. Loving the weather, too.

    Hate when my few minutes of quiet time get interrupted!