10 October 2010


We did Ben's allergy testing on Friday.  It was not a bad experience.  He only cried once....it was about 1/2 way through and I think it just itched so bad he was upset.  We sang another song and he calmed down.

It was quiet an experience for Ben and me.  They used marker and numbered Ben's back according to the number of the allergen they were testing.  They made little scratches with the liquid.  There was a positive and negative.  The positive, obviously, came up.....but the cat scratch came up even more.  Poor little guy is certainly allergic to cats.  By the time it was all done, the cat scratch was as big as a half dollar.  He also reacted to dog, feather, one kind of mold and corn pollen.  He was a real trooper and got a huge bouncy ball for behaving.

I asked them to check the corn pollen.  I worry about moving to the farm with all his allergies.  Some of his allergies can trigger his asthma.  That is the only scary part about all of this.  I asked the doctor his thoughts on moving out to the farm.  Dr. Chaplan told me that as long as we live in Colorado or near by states, it won't matter.  He said that pollens can travel up to 200 miles, so even if we lived in a cement jungle, there could still be pollen and allergens.  Therefore, the plan to move is still on.

We now have a preventative program to keep Ben's asthma and other breathing problems.  We are doing Q-var twice a day and children's chewable Singular at night.  We have albuterol for any rescue times.  Hopefully this will keep his breathing normal.  Dr. Caplan thinks that we might be able to keep the allergies and asthma in check with the new plan.  That would be so awesome.

Now we are going to have to see what the cardiologist says.  We had thought about going to Holyoke this weekend so I changed his appointment.  We are now going on the 18th at 1:30.  We will have to see what happens.  I am beginning to think that the heart rate was related to his breathing problems.  We have been checking his sp02 and heart rate.  Both seem to be more normal now.  I am thinking that the little guy was just struggling to BE at that point and his body did everything it could to make it happen.  I have always known he is a fighter.

God has his hands around Ben and will continue to protect him.

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