18 October 2010


So, we are home and the boys are tucked in bed sound asleep.  It is nice to have a quiet night.  I might be able to relax/release now.

I took Ben to see the Cardiologist.  It was so scary. The doctor was very nice so it was easier.  He had an EKG before we saw the doc and he seemed pretty happy with it.  We chatted for a few minutes and I gave him background and history. Freaked me out when doctor decided to do an ecocardiogram right away.  We got to see his heart on the screen.  From my lay person's eye.....it seems that it was doing all that it should.  We were able to rule out EDS for him and masses or tumors.  That is all good.

Tonight and for the next 24 hours, Ben is wearing a heart monitor.  It is a little creepy to see him walking around with this little box attached to him.  It does not seem to be bothering him any.....he ran around with Max tonight acting like nothing happened.  It was kinda funny to see him keep stopping to move it up and then go again.  Poor guy.

I am happy we have ruled some things out, but it is not totally reassuring.  There are so many other things it could be.  The doctor thinks it could be a heart infection.  He said that we are starting with the easy tests...it will be less traumatic for Ben.  Which is great, but I wonder if it will get us to the end result soon enough.  I know that we are ruling out the things that are easy to test for...that is great....why can't we test for it all?  We will most likely be getting blood drawn next week to check for infection, thyroid and a few other things.

Wait and see.....give it to the Lord and he will protect us.

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  1. Poor little guy - I know how scary it is to have heart problems. With any luck he is oblivious to it all. I was 13 when mine started so I could sense the fear... scared the crap out of all of us but I was OK! Hopefully it's just one of those odd little nuisances that seems worse than it actually is. Been there done that! Prayers sent your way.