20 October 2010

Not sure

It has been one heck of a day.........

It started off well enough.  I took the boys to school and came home to enjoy myself.  I started on my cross stitch and something reminded me that I needed to call and get the windshield replaced.  I called and got it set up....then I was told I had a $250 deductible for the windshield.  WHAT!!!!  When I switched the insurance to USAA from State Farm, I was told that the windshield was covered under the glass coverage.  I spent an hour arguing with them about it.  Ended up I need the windshield replaced before we go to Holyoke tomorrow.  It is so pitted that I can hardly see through it at dust.  So, I filed a complaint/claim so I might be able to get the money back.

I then remembered that I needed to call the Vision Insurance to make sure I was covered.  I called and was told that there was no vision on Matt insurance.  Insurance that we are paying through the nose for these days. I asked questions about the AOG's policy and then was told that they do not have vision listed on the things that they are covered.   I called the AOG and talked to Janice then.  She said that she had just been on the phone with them earlier that day and the underwriting for the AOG insurance had not been completed yet.  So, if I want to get my eyes checked and my new glasses, I have to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed.  Well, how the heck can I do that?  I just paid $250 to get the windshield fixed....so, now the windshield will be new and pretty to look out, but I still won't be able to see clearly because I do not have my glasses.

I went and picked Ben up from school and we had lunch.  After I put him down for a nap, the peds office called and let me know that I needed to take Ben in to get his blood work done today.  I was told that the Quest office was the place to go for my insurance.  So, after freaking out a minute about my 3-yr old having to get blood drawn.  I started to make and appt.....I first thought about doing it after I picked Max up, but then decided that it might be more traumatic for Max to see it than to have it done.  So, I made and appt with Quest for 2:10.  I got there about 10 minutes early, but they made us wait.  When I did get up to the desk to fill out paper work, I was told that they did not take my insurance.  So, I had to go somewhere else.  At least quest told me where to go and it was not that far away.  Ben and I rushed over because I had to pick Max up at 3:00.  We got to the office and the woman behind the counter was so stinking slow I thought I might just loose it.  Finally she told us to come back....guess who was drawing the blood.  HER.  Finally she got started and Ben was a champ.  He sat in my lap and watched as the needle went in and the nurse fished around for a vein.  4 vials later we were out the door with 2 urine collection things.  (still not sure how was are going to do that out of town this weekend)

I did make it to school to pick Max up in time. Then, realized that today was the fundraiser pick up day.  AAAHHHHH....I could have gone earlier and picked it up, but since it had slipped my mind I had to stand in line with all these kids and moms.  20 minutes to pick up one little bag of candy my mom ordered for the boys.  

When I got home I started to cry from the sheer pressure of the day.  Max made me feel horrible for it when he started to cry too.  I stopped, but still zoned out a bit.  Until, I realized it was 5 pm and I had not even thought about dinner.  Chinese it was tonight.  Not healthy, but at least I fed them.

They are currently picking up their things before bed.  I am looking forward to that so I can finally let it all out and really cry.  It will do me good to just get it over with so I can start again tomorrow.

So, I am not sure if it is a good day because I handled it all without a major break or if it was a bad day because I had to handle all of it.


  1. That sounds like the most exhausting day ever. I am suprised that you are not wailing frankly.

    I hope the weekend goes well and that YOU get some peace and rest....

  2. Some days - I got them fed is enough... especially days like that!