28 May 2010

At Mom's

In Chicago, visiting Mom.  Yesterday was suppose to be a quiet day.  We did stay home in the AM....the kids were getting restless around 11, so I took them on a short walk.  Then Mom came home and we seemed to go non-stop.  We went to Costco, then the mall, then to grocery, then to Walgreens.  Then I came home and made dinner for everyone, but wait, we were not done.  We went to the huge public library after dinner.  Long day and my feet, knees and back were killing me.  I did take a pain pill......and bought some new Danskos.  I am so tickled about my new shoes.  I was wearing my tennis shoes yesterday, thinking they would be good.  NO,  had so much pain.  So, I bought the Danskos and the best part.................they were on sale for 75% off.  Normally $120, I paid $30.  How awesome is that?  I should be able to handle most of the walking now.  I wore them to the library yesterday and they are like walking on air.

YEAH!  Baseball game and Japanese for dinner.  Not so sure about the Japanese place, we are going to the one where they cook in front of you.   Hope they kids do okay.

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