20 May 2010

Clean House

Today I have to clean the whole house.  Not going to be fun.  After putting the fire out with a fire extinguisher, there is a white layer of dust on everything.  I went to get a spoon out of my crock and they are all covered with dust.  I tried to put the kids at the table for breakfast and that was covered with white dust.  The laundry that was in the basket waiting to get folded has to be washed again, it was covered with white dust.

I am not looking forward to my day of "hard labor."  I am hoping that I can get through it all without a terrible amount of pain.  

So, I am sitting here writing here, just to procrastinate.  I am just trying not to do it.  Really, I just cannot bring myself to get up off the couch and get going.  The boys are playing and I am watching the Today Show.  I know, get up Charlee.  Get moving, you have an enormous amount of things to do today.  Why am I just sitting here?

Okay, one more cup of coffee and I will have the energy.  I hope.

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