18 May 2010


Hello World,

I may have found a bed that I might be able to sleep on and be comfortable.  We bought a second hand mattress  from a friend of mine, last year.  We put it into the guest room because it would not get used much there.  I have been sleeping on it for 3 nights now and I am feeling pretty pain free in the AM.  I actually slept on it for 11 hours last night and only had a slight twinge of pain this AM.  I have a feeling to will be moving that mattress into our bedroom.  It will be nice to sleep in the same bed with my husband again.  That is really exciting in my house.

I had my physical for VA compensation last week.  It was kind of a let down.  I am not sure what they are going to give me.  The doc was really hard to read.  She sure did not seem to have much sympathy for me.  She had me do most of my party tricks, showing her how flexible I am.  It was not fun and life was a bit sore the next day.  I really hope the VA is generous and helps out my family.  I am not sure I could really work again.  No real job, I don't think.  I know that I cannot do anything that would take a lot of standing, a lot of walking, or a lot of constant sitting.  What does that leave?

I have known for the last couple of years that things have been getting worse, but there was no explanation for it.  Now that I have this diagnosis, I am really not happy about the down turn.  What I know is that it is not going to get any better, just worse.  I am surprised at how quickly things are going down.  I was doing pretty good last year at this time.  Just a lot of pain then and sore joints and muscles.  It has gotten much worse over the last year.  I have dislocated things and had much more pain.  Grump.  

I am trying to enjoy things while I still can.  Yesterday was beautiful outside.  I was so tired that we did not go out in the morning.  I was struggling just to stay awake.  I finally did lie down and nap when the boys did, but I was still exhausted.  I finally decided that the kids had suffered from my being tired.  So, I bucked up and took them outside.  Even thought I was tired, we all had such a great time.  I sat down most of the time, but did make an effort to play.  We went to the middle of the yard and blew bubbles.  The boys had such a good time chasing the bubbles.  Max was very funny trying to catch the bubbles and getting so upset that he could not hold the bubbles.  When I did get tired, I sat down on the patio and drew with the sidewalk chalk.  We all seemed to have fun.  Even though I was sitting in a chair on the patio, Max and I played catch and he actually caught the ball over and over again.  It was an amazing feat for him....first time to catch without it being pure luck.  I brought them in about 5 and they took a bath....they sure were dirty.

We all got some sunshine.  It was great to have our happy gene activated by the sunshine.  Did not really help with me being so tired, though.  Matt warmed up left over ribs, which were great, and we had dinner.  I went and took a shower after dinner, I was dirty too. The shower felt great, but I was still too tired.  Matt and I put the boys down and I went straight to bed myself.  7 PM and I was in bed.  I think I was awake for about a half an hour after we all went to bed....just because Ben was up.  I finally fell asleep, woke up once to go potty (can you tell I am a Mom?) and then did not wake up until this morning after 6 AM.  It was great.

I am feeling much better this morning.  It is just too bad the sun is not shining.  I was actually hoping to go to the park with the kids today.  Oh well, we will find something fun to do inside today.

I am a bit sad that I have been so tired lately.  I am realizing how much energy it take to keep my little body together.  I am figuring out the ratio at which I can do things.  I am trying to make sure we do one big thing each day.  Unfortunately for me, one big thing could be grocery shopping at Walmart.  This fall will be interesting since I am going to have to get up every morning to take Max to school.

Any ideas on how to get more energy?  I am trying to cut back on caffeine, and go more natural.

Well, that is the update for now.  I will try to keep you all posted as things happen.

Thanks for all the support folks.

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