05 June 2010

Trip to Chicago

I am home from my trip and it went fairly well.  We had a great time.  Baseball game on Friday night....kids had fun....brother took a ball to the chin (6 stitches) pushing Max out of the way.  Saturday we played in the pool all day.  Sunday we all went to the Brookfield Zoo.  We had a great time.  That zoo is huge.  We walked and rode the train.  It was way fun.  By the end of the day we were all exhausted and my shoulder hurt.  I carried a backpack with water and such.  It was dumb on my part.  I put my shoulder out.  I went to the ER on Monday while the boys went on the train with my folks.  Tuesday we played in the pool again.  We all were exhausted when we finally got home on Wednesday.

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