19 May 2010

Laundry soap

So, today I got off my butt and decided to get some things done around the house.  I went to Walmart to do our grocery shopping.  That went okay.  I had to grab the cart guy to help me put the 24 pack of soda into my car.  It was just too much for me to pick up.  Between Max and me the soda made it to just inside the front door.  It was kinda funny to watch us struggle.

I got the kids off for nap and took one myself.  Feeling pretty good this afternoon, I thought I would get some laundry done.  I folded all the things that were waiting for me and started the washer.  I went to pull the laundry soap down from the shelf over the washer and BAM! pain in my shoulder.  I do not think I put it out again, but it sure does hurt.  Guess my laundry is going to have to wait (or not).  Got to buck up and get it finished.  I think I am going to have to figure out how to put the laundry soap into a smaller container.  Maybe I will just buy a smaller one and have Matt keep pouring into that one.

I am going to attempt to cook dinner tonight too.  I have to admit that I have been a lazy butt lately.  Depressed or really tired, not sure.  But, I am making a complete effort today.  I am already ready for bed, but going to try to keep going.  I may not do as much tomorrow, but we shall see.

Plans: Saturday I am going scrapping at 10 AM and then back to the house by 1PM to take Max to the zoo for a birthday party.  Ben, Matt and I are going to just wander around while he is at the party.  Sunday I will be packing for our trip.  Monday is playdate at the zoo again (maybe the park).  Wednesday we leave to go to Chicago to visit Nana and King Buzzy.  I am also going to get to meet my sister-in-law (finally).

I am enjoying writing here, so maybe I will be writing more.  Not just about my EDS, but my life in general.  I guess that is about EDS.  Most of my days have me thinking, feeling or dealing with my EDS.  Even if it is a good day, I am thinking about EDS and being thankful I do not hurt.

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