31 March 2010


Hello world.  I am so tired today.  It has been a long weekend and beginning of the week.  We spent the weekend doing spring cleaning.  I spent most of the weekend on my feet...it hurt my knees and back.  I went to the park with the boys yesterday for 2 hours.

I am paying for all of that today.  Last night I hardly slept because my legs were hurting so badly.  It was a horrible ache all night.  I woke up at 1:30 and never went back to sleep.  Rolling around, trying to get comfy, made for a long night.

I have to admit, though, that my life has changed a lot since my diagnosis. I have realized what is important in my life and what is not.  I am over all the petty things that make people so angry.  I am finally living by my dad's words.....If you are not going to be upset about it tomorrow, why be upset about it today.  I am just more calm about things.  Well, not about the kids being pains, but everything else.  I have been trying to be better with them too.

I am sitting here in pain today, but enjoying watching the kids play with the trains on the floor.

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