10 March 2010

What Is Next

I am not entirely sure what is next.  I know that the VA has pretty much washed their hands of me.  Unfortunately, that is my healthcare right now.  I am okay with the fact that there is not going to be any huge jumps forward in my condition.  I have accepted that. 

What I cannot accept is that there is so little information out there and nothing helpful out there.  I have decided that this must be my calling in all of this.  I am going to start putting together information about EDS and what you can do for it all in one place.  I will also put info about what others have tried and what has worked for them.  Maybe even a list of good docs?  This is just my dream right now...hopefully I will be able to afford to run a website one day and have it help everyone.  Money is too tight right now, but we shall see. 

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