22 March 2010

No travel alone

My husband and I have been talking about me traveling home with the boys.  I live in Co and would have to travel to Il.  Matt cannot take a lot of time off during the summer because it is his busy time at work.

I have thought about driving.  That would be an 18 hour trip...I would have to stop one night, at least.  We talked about taking the train....that too would be an 18 hour trip, but straight through and no driving.  We talked about flying...total travel from door to door, most likely 8-9 hours. So, having considered all of these things, I have decided not to travel home.  I cannot imagine being with my 2 and 4 yr olds and having something happen on any of those trips.   Can you imagine me with a dislocated hip or shoulder and two small kids.  No one there to help me fix it??? and having them look at me all broken.  It does not sound like a good idea to me.

Maybe air travel with the boys would be more reasonable if I was in a wheel chair.  At least at that point they usually let someone go to the gate with you....or there would be a sky cap to help.  Just a thought.  We will have to see how it all works out.

I am still waiting on most of my adaptive gear.  It has been one week, but I am hoping to get some of it soon. I would give just about anything for the parafin bath tonight.  My hands hurt a bit. I would like some of the things I could use in the kitchen.  I do some cooking yesterday and thought about how nice it would have been to have some of the things they are getting for me.

I am feeling pretty upbeat despite all the things that I have to think about before I do anything...ie traveling.  I am getting out of the house at least every other day now, and not just to take Max to school.  I went to my very good friend Joanna's for a scrap-shopping thing, then went to scrapbooking crop at Cynthia's on Saturday.  Tomorrow we are going to the library....it is Max's spring break so they have fun things going on.  Wednesday we have another library trip and then a fun playdate at Joanna's with her two little girls.  I cannot wait....Max really enjoys them and Ben has not seen them in a long time.

I am still doing my Close To My Heart stamping workshops every month.  I am also going to start doing a card work shop quarterly.  I am looking forward to that in a couple of weeks.

We will be traveling to Holyoke, 4 hours from here, for Easter.  I am very excited about that.  I know that our plans have been moved back some, but I am still looking forward to looking at some houses out there.  I love visiting out there.  My in-laws are so wonderful.  They always make staying there so much fun.  I am looking forward to all the good cooking..... Rita is great.  I am also looking forward to the egg coloring and egg hunt.  I love visiting with our friends Luke and Shannon along with their girls.  I cannot wait to actually move out there and not have to make the four hour drive.  It is painful for me....sometimes we stop and I get to walk and sometimes we just drive straight through (depends on the trip).

All is well in the land of Charlee....hope everyone else is doing well.

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