17 March 2010

Playground Mishap

I took the little ones to the playground today.  We were having such a great time.  It was fun fun fun.  That is until Ben started to fall off the side.  I went to grab him and out went my shoulder.  Yep, dislocated my shoulder right there at the playground.  Think I may have scared a few parents and kids too when I yelled.  I managed to round up the boys and get them to the car.  I was able to get them buckled and get home not using my right shoulder/arm.

I managed to get us all home and decided I wanted to take some pain meds.  I cannot get my bottle open though.  I decided to wait for Matt to get home to get meds.....not sure I want to teach him to open med bottles yet.

I called Matt and he is going to pick up dinner for us.  Today is our anniversary....sucks, I am going to have to take some pain meds and end up in bed.  I am really sad about that.

I am not sure I totally got my shoulder back in properly.  I am still in pain and I am not sure how to make sure it is in all the way.  Not even sure how to do it without making more pain.  Going to wait for Matt to get here, eat something and take pain meds before I try to have Matt pop it back in again.

Oh well....that is part of how this all goes.  I just keep in mind that I was taking care of my babies.....I actually had a thought the other night about the rest of my life.  Actually it was a whole series of thoughts about the future.  I have lived a full life already and I am in no way giving up, but I will do all I can for my kids.  I want to protect them and take care of them.  The pain to me is just how it works....obviously I will not be going out of my way to hurt myself, but I am not going to let them get hurt because I am protecting myself.

Pain Level:  TOO MUCH

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