26 March 2010

Paying for It

Explicative, explicative.  Pain has enveloped me today.  I had a hip pain last night and it was bad.  I used ice and managed to get it to not hurt so bad.  (I am trying not to take pain meds.)  I hardly slept last night when the pain started in my back on the left side (not the normal side)
I do believe that the pain has a direct correlation to the time I played outside yesterday.  I think it waited because I was busy all day yesterday.  I think the pain started when I slowed down.  I still have not taken any pain meds. I am home with the kids and cannot take any.  I try to be awake and alert for them, but today may end up different.  I just want to curl up and die right now. I have not had this much pain in a long time.

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