25 June 2010

Tough week

I have decided over the last month or so that I am going to go for it and enjoy life.  This week was not one of them.  Started out great....Max started swim lessons and loved them.  I even got Ben into the kiddie pool while Max was in his lesson.  And, after swim lessons, the kids get to play at the spray park for no additional charge.  We had so much fun at the beginning of the week.

Wednesday came around and after swim lessons, we went to Walmart.  I made the huge mistake of picking up Max and putting him in the shopping cart.  He is just a little too heavy for me to keep doing that.  I pulled out my shoulder, wrist and two fingers.  Even though I was in pain, I still go my shopping finished.  Just figured if this is the way it is going to be then maybe I will just have to work through pain and accidents.  I iced it, took meds and felt better in the AM....while it seems that my shoulder hurts every evening, at least I can do some things in the AM.

Thursday morning, we were all getting ready for swim lessons.  I was in my room with the door closed, getting dressed, when I heard Ben fussing at the door.  I did not think much about it because he does that when I am in there and he wants me.  Finally, Max opened the door and said, "Blood, Mommy."  I came running out and Ben was bleeding from the mouth.  I finally got it stopped enough to realize that he had ripped the piece of skin between his upper lip and gums.  I know that facial and mouth wounds bleed a lot, but after looking at it, I saw how bad the cut was.  I decided then that we should to the Dentist for an emergency visit.  Turns out that the cut was not a big deal and really nothing to worry about.  BUT, the Dentist wanted x-rays.  After the x-rays, Ben was very good by the way, he was able to pull them up on his computer.  He showed me where Ben had fractured his right front tooth.  The fracture is above the gum line.  Nothing we can do about it right now.  We need to keep an eye on it.  If it abscesses, then we have to go back in and they will have to take the tooth out. There is a chance that it could just die too.  Needless to say, we did not make it to swim lessons that day.

Friday we did make it to swim lessons.  Both of the kids were so happy.   Max did well, but did not jump off the diving bored by himself.  He is getting closer and closer to doing it.  Then everyone went outside to the small pools.  Max's does his lesson in the 3 1/2 foot pool.  He does really well.  Ben and I play in the 1 1/2 foot baby pool.  Ben loves it.  I have even gotten him to put his head under the water.  I was so excited.  After Max got done with his lessons in the big pool, he came and joined us in the little pool.  Somewhere along the way he sliced his knee open.  The life guard did not have a first aid kit (really?).  Finally someone found one after I had been there putting pressure on it for 4 minutes.  I did get the bleeding stopped and it did not look as bad as it had in the beginning.  So, the life guard cleaned it with alcohol and put two band-aids on it.  Max was crying that he still wanted to play in the spray park.....so I told Max we could play until his band-aid fell off.  It did not last long.  When we got in the car, I was still not sure we should not go get stitches.  I decided to patch it up myself.  I went and bought some adhesive strips and neosporin spray.  I got it all cleaned and bandaged.  He was tentative about it this AM, but after naps, he totally forgot about it. 

I have just put them to bed and looking forward to some quiet time with Matt tonight.  I will most likely take some pain meds and drug out for the night.  Matt will be gone for the next two days, so I most likely not take any pain meds.  While they really help to control my pain and I seem to be pretty coherent on them, I am so afraid to take them when it is just me and the boys.  What if something were to happen and I could not drive because of pain meds?  What if I was so out of it that I could not respond properly?  It scares me to be at home on pain meds with the kids by myself.  So, no pain meds for me this weekend.

To end, the week started out great, but ended up not so much.  We are all still here and healthy as we can be. Max is still loving swim lessons, but wants to do them too. (He will starts Auqa tots in July).  Matt has worked hard and is off to a conference for the weekend.  Me, I am still in pain and learning to deal with it.  I am trying not to let it slow me down too much.  I am a bit less energetic and mobile by the evenings, but I love my days.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm a fellow EDSer, I write over at www.brilliantmindbrokenbody.wordpress.com

    Sounds like quite the week! Has anyone started talking about bracing with you? For your joints that are looser or more prone to slipping out of joint, it can be an absolute blessing. You can brace just about anything, though finding good shoulder or hip braces is hard. If you need finger braces, make sure you get Silver Ring Splints if you can afford them!

    As far as the pain meds...I'm assuming you're taking opioids? The thing about them is that if you take them constantly (assuming they're prescribed for you to take that way), your body gets accustomed to the side effects and most of them go away. You still get things like constipation if you're prone to them, but the fuzziness and fogginess will improve a TON for most people. I'm on a far stronger medication than anything they would have offered you at this point, 24/7, and I'm safe to drive. I can even do really tough technical writing. It takes...say, 3-6 days for it to improve substantially, and I think you hit the best you'll get in about 2 weeks. It's been a couple years for me, so I'm not 100% certain of how long it took for me, but I know it was less than a week.

    Of course, you'll have to discover for yourself if you can take that time to acclimate, and the side effects that remain are worth dealing with in return for the pain management.

    Feel free to email me if you want - brilliantmindbrokenbody at gmail dot com.