07 October 2011

I can't do that

Matt has had to help me with so many things....I have to tell a funny though.  It was the second or third night and Matt made an awesome dinner with chicken breasts and rice.  I was not feeling well when it was dinner time, so I waited and ate after the kids went to bed.  He warmed it up and brought it out to me and set it on my tray with a knife and a fork.  Seriously....the chicken breast was whole and he gave me a knife to cut it up.  My mom and I broke out in laughter and Matt just looked and us and said, "What?"  It was kinda funny.  He has really had to learn to help and try to understand the things I cannot do.

He is amazing.  It is slowly getting easier on all of us as I am getting better and have more movement.  It is still very painful for me, but better.

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