27 October 2011

Frozen Shoulder

I have to wonder.....

This morning I woke up with my shoulder that I just had surgery on completely frozen in one place.  I realized that it was in the 20s outside.  I have to wonder if the weather has something to do with it.

I know that people talk about the weather effecting their joints and how they feel.  I have felt this way before, but this was way over the top.  I could not believe how bad it felt.  I took meds.....and feel a bit better now.

The meds are a whole different matter.  I took my regular pain med and a muscle relaxer to combat the pain.  This is the first muscle relaxer since my surgery.  I am not sure it was a good idea.  The pain actually got worse as the pec muscle loosened up.  Grrr

The weather is suppose to be warmer tomorrow.  I am hoping to have more movement......at least what I had 2 days ago.  I am coming to the realization that I may never have full motion again and that what motion I do get will take a long time to get.  I can move my arm 90 degrees up in the front with assistance, but not out to the side at all.  I still have not strength in my arm.  A can of soda is about all I can lift....if that.  I know it is going to take a long time, but it is so frustrating.  I want my life back......so many things I want to do that I cannot do.  My dad says I should write a book now that I can write again.  Maybe that is an option.  Only time will tell.

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  1. Hi Charlee! I'm curious about WHICH shoulder you have frozen. Mine was frozen for three years and if I had it to do over again, I would have seen a lymph drainage specialist to help me with the lymph in my liver. When mine released it, I got movement back I never dreamed would happen! How are you doing these days?