11 September 2010

To Curl or not to Curl

Okay, so I am going today to get my hair permed. What an awful word, permed.  It sounds totally 80's.

I have talked to the woman who is going to do my hair and she sound professional.  I am looking for big curl...not the tiny ones we got in the 80's.  I actually looking forward to this, but totally frightened at the same time.  My hair is just past my shoulders and so hard to take care of.  With my EDS, it is very hard for me to dry my hair.  I have learned to do it in sections, but it still takes me forever because I have to stop and let my arms rest.  I am looking for this to be so much easier.  I really hope that I can wash it and just let it dry.  Hopefully the curls will be beautiful without me having to do much.

I really like the idea of a wash and go style.  I have tried so many before.  My hair has a funky wave to it.  It is not straight and it is not curly, so I have to do one or the other things to it every day.  I have taken to washing it every three days and then dry it.  It looks really good the first day....I usually wear it down then.  After that, it is two days of pony tails.  It is just easier that way.

So, here is hoping that it turns out the right way.  I will make sure to post a picture tomorrow after I have gotten it done.

Here is what it looks like now.......

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  1. Generally, a good hair pic doesn't involve a ginormous hat, girly! LOL

    I want to see AFTER pics!