29 September 2010

Ready to Crumble

I don't know how mommies do it.  Ben has been sick on and off now for more than 3 weeks.  As I posted earlier this week, we took an ambulance ride on Friday and were sent home with an oral steroid.  We did have an x-ray and we were told that there was no pneumonia.

Matt and I decided to purchase an oxygen monitor at that point.  We had it overnighted and it got here on Monday.  Monday morning Ben has school for 2 hours.  His fever was gone and his color was good, so I wanted him to go to school.  After dropping Max off, Ben looked at me and said, "I just want to go home."  I took him to school anyway and he did just fine.  He was not his normal jumping around self, but he did okay.  Yesterday he was home with me all day.  When we went to get Max, he was back to acting a little funny.  He did not run with the kids, but rather sat on the ground at my feet.

Swim lessons were last night and they both wanted to go (Matt went to Denver for a meeting).  So, I thought I would just take them.  Ben seemed okay, but not great.  I gave him some albeuterol and out the door we went.  As I left, I decided to grab the O2 monitor.  I put it on him and his level was 88.  Normal is 92 or above.   So, I called the clinic and was told to bring them right in.  Mind you, the after hours clinic is almost 1 hour away.  We got up there and he was holding at 92.  Which was good and bad.  The nurse practitioner basically told me that because he was looking at the toys and his stats were good that we should just go home and take an antibiotic.  I told them that we were on the edge going down, not up. So much for listening to a parent.

As soon as we got home, I started him on a nebulizer treatment.  His heart rate ran up to 180 and off to the ER we went.  Mind you, that between the time we were at the clinic and the time we got home...you could visibly see the difference.  We got to the ER and things looked to be stable.  They did an x-ray and told us that he had viral pneumonia.  They sent us home with decent stats.  I feel like no one listens to me.

I am a mom, I know what I am talking about when it comes to my kids. Ben is pale and unhappy today.  He does not want to eat (hello, it is Ben) and he is not wanting to drink a whole lot.  I am pushing juice, but it is not working.  We have had less than a cup in the last 12 hours.  We are off to see the doc again this afternoon.

I am beyond frustrated.  Poor little guy is tired and so am I.  He is lying no the couch... dozing on and off.  I did see the first semi smile in the last 24 hours.  Hopefully that is a good sign.  I just wish someone could have done something before we got to this point.  I am currently terrified about the pneumonia setting off the asthma and us going through it all again.  Right now it seems like we are on and endless cycle.

Wish us luck today....hopefully we can get out in front of this and it will all work out soon.  I hate seeing my baby like this.

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  1. Good luck....

    It sounds as though all normal activities should be put on hold for a little while and ice pops perhaps to 'up' fluids and favourite dvd's, peace and quiet, for your poorly little one.

    It just goes to show a mother's instinct actually counts. I hear your frustration loud and clear. I only suggest ice pops because it worked well with one of mine when they were little and very poorly,just not wanting to drink or eat. I hope he gets to stay at home enveloped in your loving care, hospitals are all very well but they are not home are they.

    Not eating is fine when they are little and poorly but I so understand how difficult it is to explain about fluids!

    I hope things get better very very soon.

    I have EDS as does my daughter and father. My father has bronchiestasis (sp?) which is worth googling next to that word put ehlers danlos. It has been the cause of many many respiratory problems for his whole life. I am not saying that this is what your little one has but I felt it was worth a mention. I suppose the thing is with ehlers danlos is that not many medical professionals really get the hang of it and sometimes it is so hard when one just knows that one's child is poorly and no-one is listening.

    I hope that with the tender loving care you so obviously give that very soon 'your baby' after rest and recouperation will be feeling very much better.

    I sincerely send you a gentle virtual hug and much respect.

    Take care.