27 September 2010

good morning world

Good Morning World,

Long weekend....Friday night started it off with a bang.  Okay, not a bang, but flashing lights.  About 9:30, Ben woke up crying and coughing.  It was so scary.  He started vomiting shortly after I got him up.  When he started struggling to breath, I decided it was time to dial 911.  My poor baby.  I have never been so scared in my life. The little man started to turn a little blue.  Matt and I gave him all the medicine we had.  When the paramedics got here, they gave him some more steroids.  We took a short ride to the hospital where we got x-rays and such.    He got some more oral steroids and we were able to come home.  His little cough got a bit better while we kept him quiet on Saturday.  I did take him to a birthday party on Sunday.  Bad idea.  While I did keep him tame, he still did too much.  He slept in this morning.  I did get him up in time to go to preschool, but he was so tired.  I felt bad for him, but did make him go.  I hope that all goes well.  We shall see.

Last night was bad too.  At 3:30 this morning, I was awakened by the door bell ringing 3 times.  It was so bad.  Scared the crap out of me.  I got Matt up and he got the gun.  We did not answer the door.  We had no idea who it was.....we did peek out and notice that we did not know the car or the person.  I then called 911 and they sent some patrol cars through the neighborhood, but we have no idea what ever came of it.  Needless to say, neither one of us really slept well after that.  I made Matt sleep on the couch.....so he was close to the door and the boys.  A bit freaked out......and very tired.

So, I am enjoying my few minutes alone.  Matt is downstairs working and the boys are both at school.  I have taken the time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and play on the computer a bit.  Now, it is time to follow my flylady rules for the day.  Off to shine the sink and change the laundry.

Let's hope that this week goes better.


  1. Glad everyone is better...sleepy, but better. Enjoy your FLY-ing!!

  2. Bless you, C and family! What a heck of a weekend!!!