10 August 2010

New Beginnings Part 2

So, Matt found out yesterday and signed a contract for a new job position.  I wanted to yell it from the mountain top yesterday, but he did not want me to tell anyone.  I think that maybe it had just not settled in with him yet.  Today he sent an email to all of the people at work and slowly started to tell friends and family.

Me, I am so stinking excited that I can hardly stand myself.  It is not totally what we were expecting, but it is still great for us.  Matt will be working from home for the most part, but will have to travel a bit.  He will be leaving for 2 weeks starting on the 30th of Aug.  I am glad that it got pushed out to that date.  He will be here for both of the boys first days of school.  He will also be here for Ben's and my birthdays.  It is awesome.

It is going to be a big adjustment for us.  I was looking forward to the boys both going to school this fall.  Max will go full time and Ben will be going 2 days a week for 2 hours a day.  I was looking forward to the couple hours a week of peace and quiet.  I am wondering if I will still get the down time with Matt home.  I know he is suppose to be working, but it would be quiet time for the two of us too.  Not sure how that will all work out.

It seems to be a beginning for all the boys in my family.  I am not sure exactly what I am feeling.  Left out might  explain it.  I am not going to be doing anything new for me.  My scrapbooking group has fallen apart.  So, I do not even have any place to go on Saturday nights.  It has been almost 5 weeks since I have gone out of the house by myself.  I have gotten quiet time in the house while Matt takes care of the boys, but for some reason it is just not the same.

Got to figure out what is going on in my head with all these new things happening here.  Please, don't misunderstand what I am saying.  I am so thrilled that all my boys are doing well (my husband is one of my boys).  I am just not sure where I fit in.  I fell like all I do is work for them, but that should be enough for me.  I love being home with the kids and would not trade it.  Maybe I will feel more useful after both of the kids go back to school and I can do things for the classrooms.

HAPPY DAY in our family.

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