19 August 2010

First Day

Today was Max's first day of kindergarten.  He was so excited when I woke him up this morning. (Normally he is up at 6, but I woke him up at 6:30.)  He ate his pancakes as quick as he could and hassled me about getting him dressed (I have to help because of his arm).  Everyone was ready to go out the door at 7 this morning.  Which is funny, because we do not have to leave until 7:30 or so.

We played out front a little and took bunches of pictures.  It was so much fun.  I got some great pictures...great pictures and funny pictures.  But, Max was ready to go.  He just wanted to leave, RIGHT NOW.  So, we left.

We got there early.  About 10 minutes before we are actually suppose to be there.  We got out of the car at 8:05.  That is the time that the teachers are out at the playground.  We went around back of the school and it was total chaos.  Both of the boys were off as soon as we told them they could go.  It was hard to keep track of them.  Ben blended in with all the other kids, even though he is so much smaller.  There is one big play thing in the center of the playground with ladders and slides and much more.  I think 80% of the kids were on that one piece.

Finally, we saw Katie and her parents come around the corner and Max was off.  He wanted to go and see his girlfriend.  We stood around with Katie and her family until the bell rang.  We got some great pics of the two of them together.  Then the bell rang.  We found Max's teacher and the line he was suppose to be in.  He was near the end of the line.  I gave him his snacks, hugged him and told him he was amazing and he would do great.  Matt gave him a hug and told him to have fun.  At that point, Max looked at me, so I gave him another hug and he just began balling his eyes out.  He was so upset.  I had told myself that I was not going to cry, but that just broke my heart.  I did not cry in front of him and tried not to let Ben see either.  Ben was upset too.  He wanted Max to come home.

Ben, Matt and I went around front and had the BooHoo  Ya-Hoo breakfast with other parents from the kindergarten class.  It was fun and most of us managed to not cry too much.  I met some of the other moms from Max's class.  Ben stopped being upset when the Bulldog mascot came around and hugged him.

Matt went to work and Ben and I played the rest of the day.  We had fun....Ben learned about a glue stick and  had a blast gluing everything he could.  I have some great collages.

We pick Max up at 3:00.  He was so happy and said he had a great time.  He actually told me that kindergarten is way more fun than preschool.  He was so hyped about it.  I tried to get him to tell me what happened, but he said he could not remember.  Poor guy did not even remember all that he ate for lunch.  As far as I know, all he ate was a salad and a yogurt.  I sure hope it was more than that.  He finally told me a bit about his day as I prodded him for information.  He had music school and sang songs there.  He got to color and did something with letters on the letter rugs.  Not sure what all of that means, but he loved it. He also told me that he met a girl named Olivia.  We will see how that goes.  Katie might get jealous, but she is not in his class and Olivia is.

Unfortunately for me, he was in tears again by bed time.  He wanted me to go to school and stay with him for the day.  I told him that he is a big boy and he can do this by himself.  Let's hope tomorrow is better than this morning.  It is a great new chapter in all of our lives, but I am still not sure how I feel about it.

Next Monday, I have to drop Max off and then go to the preschool to drop Ben off.  We will have to wait and see if I can handle that one.


  1. Another chapter begins! Life is good!

  2. B's comment on the first day was that his new teacher was not as nice as his preschool teacher (no one is nicer than his preschool teacher - that woman is a SAINT)... so it sounds like M got off to a great start!