28 April 2010

Major Pain

So, today is the third time I have dislocated my right shoulder. Okay, maybe not totally dislocated, but it is not in the right place.  I have had to "pop" it back in several times.

It really hurts tonight.  I popped it back in and then Max came out to get a hug.  I lifted him up to sit him on my lap and pulled it out again.  I cannot wince in pain when he is around.  It was completely my fault that it happened and if I even flinch, he feels like it was his fault.  He cries so hard when he thinks he hurt Mommy.  It breaks my heart.

Pain Killers and ice...that will be my life tonight.


  1. I hate it when my shoulder comes out, it is incredibly painful. The strange thing is, the only time it comes out is when I am asleep. One night I managed to do both shoulders........ Anyway, you have my sympathies!!!!!!

    Also, do you find that a joint can be ok for a while, then it will slip out. It will go back in fine but will keep slipping out for a couple of weeks after until the joint has stabilised itself. My shoulders don't do this, they just come out, go back in, but my ribs and kneecaps do and it is most irritating because I am trying to walk and every couple of steps I take, I end up yelping because the damn thing has slipped............

    Only just come across the blog, will be looking for it again when I have more time to read....... Take it easy, rest the joint and fingers crossed!!!!!!!

    Oh, also, I have been told that I have early osteo-arthritis in my shoulders due to the EDS and ridiculous mobility of my shoulder joints, are you the same?

  2. Jeez, ok, so this post is a year old lol, can you tell I am in lala land????