18 July 2010


I am not sure that I have anything to say really.  I feel like I should be writing.  I have not been here for so long.  I am sure there has been so much that has happened since I last wrote.  

It is mid-July and things are going quietly.  Well, not really.  The kids have been busy swimming and hurting themselves.  The swim lessons are going swimmingly (ha ha ha).  The boys are both doing great, really.  Max is nearly swimming on his own.  Well, he can swim by himself as long as he can hold his breath.  It is hard to get him out of the water at times.  There is a spray park at the pool where we do swim lessons.  Max never wants to go in the spray park, but wants to stay in the pool and keep swimming.  Max sliced his knee open one day while we were there.  I actually had to use a steri-strip to hold it together.  Might have used a stitch, but it was the knee and I am sure he would have ripped them open.  So, I bandaged him up and off he went, being Max swimming and playing. 

Ben is having a blast at swim lessons.  He is so small, it is scary for me sometimes.  In the week before he started swim lessons, we made an emergency trip to the dentist.  He ripped the connective tissue between his upper lip and gums.  Turns out that was not a big deal, but he did crack the tooth just above the gums.  The doc was afraid that we might have to take out the tooth.  Good thing is that it did not die so it is still there.  He started swim lessons the next week and started loving it.  Unfortunately for him, several days into swim lessons, he fell off the couch.  When he did that, he dislocated his shoulder.  I managed to pop it back in myself.  Of course, I did not do it on purpose.  I did take him to the doc and he agreed that I had popped it back in.  Given my history of EDS, the doc did not bat an eye at what happened.  Ben got a little sling (I did not know they made them that small).  He sat out for one day of swim lessons, but was glad to get back.  I am being careful with him for now.  There are a few things at swim lessons that I am not letting him do.  I want to make sure that my baby heals a bit before he goes back to the day to day. 

On the way home from the doc with Ben that day and the car broke down.  It was horrible.  Matt and I freaked out and were afraid that we were going to need to buy a new car.  Turns out it was only $530 repair.  

Drugs are kicking in....better go. 


  1. Hello! I am new and was just told yesterday I probably have EDS. I am confused as I have been told so many things in the past. I have been told I have Lupus, Hashimotos, CFS, FM and even Sarcoidosis. Can you imagine? I have been undergoing treatment in a study for almost five years for the Sarc! Maybe all these things are related and since I do have 10 of the 12 EDS markers I am willing to be tested! I can be reached at pippipup@yahoo.com if anyone has any comments! Thanks and Good Luck to all!! Lee

  2. BTW, I am Nancy "Lee". Thanks!