24 August 2011

Birthday dinner

Tonight I am going out my friend Becki for my birthday.  I am happy to be going out with a great friend, but it reminds me again of my age.

I know that 36 is not that old, which is part of the problem.  It makes me kinda sad that my body is giving out so quickly at such a young age.  I have good days and bad days, but it is still hard.  The surgery coming up is a bright light in my life.  I am truly hoping that it will help with stability and pain.  My shoulder is my most troubling problem right now.  I am hoping it will not be so bad soon and then I will have minuet things to worry about.  Popping and cracking has become daily parts of my life.  I have not been dislocating every joint, which is a relief.  My shoulder dislocates every day.  I think that once I get it fixed, I will be alright for awhile.

36 is not a big deal.  It just pains me to be so young with two young children and having limitations on what I can do.  Not only with my kids, but everyday things too.  I am still learning what I can and cannot do.  Oh well!  It is what it is.....just gotta figure it out.

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