01 November 2010

Ben Heart Update

I just wanted to post a quick update for all my family and friends who have been praying for Ben.

I spoke with the cardiologist today.  They got the results from the 24 hour heart monitor.  He said that Ben's heart rate is elevated, but it did fluctuate.  The important thing is that it did change with activity.  Ben's little heart just runs like a hummingbird.   His heart function is normal.  The doctor would like me to take Ben to see the Heart Rate specialist in 3 months.   I was told that Ben's high heart rate is abnormal, but since he is doing better and it is a constant high we are not going to push the panic button now.  BUT, it is not something we are just going to forget about either. So, we are going to monitor him for problems and see where we are in 3 months.

We spent the weekend out in Holyoke, which usually triggers all the problems we have with Ben.  (We have actually debated not moving because of it.)  This time Ben was great.  The rest of us are a little snotty, but not Ben.  He is doing super.  I think that after seeing the pulmonologist/allergist and getting his allergy medicine, we are doing much better.  I am so happy to not be worrying about him after this trip.

I am starting to feel better about Ben and all the health problems we have had this summer.  I think we might be on the other side of this thing.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.  I fully believe in the power of prayer.  Thank all of you and God for the wonderful outcome. 

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