04 February 2010


  So, I went to physical therapy this morning.  Wow, I am so not normal.  I found out that I have been relying on muscles that should not be engaged all the time.  Debbie worked hard with me to start engaging my core muscles properly.  All the muscles that I am suppose to use are not used at all.  It was amazing how weak those muscles are.  It was also amazing how much pain that can cause.  I can barely do anything.  She gave me less than basics.  I do not even have the muscle to do basic pilates.  I cannot believe it.  She was very careful not to hurt my SI joint too much, but reality is that you cannot work the muscle to fix the problem without aggravating it a bit.  I am super sore today and absolutely exhausted.  I slept for 2 hours while the kids did today.  My SI joint, my knee, and my right shoulder are sore.  Debbie gave me some exercises to do every day.  5 exercises 5 reps once each day.  Doing them properly, that is all my muscles can do without serious fatiguing the muscle.  I am going to be going to the clinic 2 times a week for several weeks.  I am hoping that might be enough to get me started on a better way of life.
  I am pleased that Debbie knows what she is doing.  We did our work out and then she was able to manipulate my SI joint to take some of the pressure off of it.    Amazing what she can do.  She was full of information and helpful tips.  She even gave me a workout ball to get the kids sitting on to build their core muscles to keep them from having problems developing.
  I cannot say enough about how things went.  I am pleased, but cautious.  I hurt, but in a good way, I think.  I will know tomorrow - depending on how I sleep and how things feel.
  I feel like I should write more...maybe it is because I have not met my word (speaking) quota for the day.  LOL.
  I am very tired and sore...once the kids go down I am going to take a pain killer and rest. Matt is out at a Drupal computer meeting tonight.  Looking for some good job contacts.  It is a time for wait and see.

Thinking about changing my diet too, any ideas on what might be a good diet to help inflammation?  Just a generally healthy diet would be good too.

Pain level - 6-7 muscles are sore and joints ache.


  1. Wondered how your PT went today. Thought you might be resting and didn't want to wake you. Sounds like progress...you know 1 step forward, 2 back. Eat fresh veggies, fruit, chicken and fish (no shrimp :<) ) Hope you sleep tonight and you can walk tomorrow. Stay positive, keep smiling.
    Love to you always
    Rj & Dad

  2. My "core" muscles are pretty flabby too. Pilates would never be possible for me! I do pretty well with gentle yoga though.

    I recently had to re-do my entire diet. First I cut out all processed foods and you would not believe how much better I felt. A lady at work said, "You look so good - you don't have those big bags under your eyes anymore." I was like hmmm is that a compliment? :)

    I cut out all processed foods for one year, then gradually started cutting out milk, sugar, eggs and wheat. Right now I am eating small amounts of cheese and that's it.

    It seems kid of daunting at first but if you take it in "steps" like I did, it's not so bad. MSG turned out to be one of my biggest triggers and cutting out processed foods helped my mind be so much clearer.

  3. Hi,
    I have a friend who was diagnosed EDS III. We went to high school together and we just reconnected 25 years later…. I found your blog when I was searching for more info on EDS. When my friend told me what was going on with her I immediately thought about food. My 5 year old son has Autism/PDD with severe sensory integration issues. We have been working with diet for two and half years. We are on the road to recovery and diet has played a huge role in it. We are about to start the GAPS diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride. It is based on the SCD diet (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). The book mainly deals with the connection between the gut and the brain and the psychological disorders an imbalanced gut can cause in addition to many other problems. The important thing about this book for you I think it the understanding you will gain about the role of food in your body and how the gut and its delicately balanced flora plays a major role in your bodies immune system. EDS is genetic so I’m not suggesting it will cure you but it may lead to strengthening you r body and allow the body to stay as strong as it possibly can be. She deals with genetics and the ongoing role of diet play in that. The average person eats highly processed food that is laden with chemicals and devoid of most or all nutrition. Our life revolves around our son and recovering him. We have not always known the right path or been emotionally together enough to stay on top of it all but the GAPS protocol feels right. It’s basically eating and preparing foods the way people have done for centuries. We are about to start with the introduction diet. I can let you know how it goes. Here is the link to the GAPS web site. http://gapsdiet.com/ The book is complex in its approach which I think helps support the need for the diet but is very well written…not out of reach or dense.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog…I started one about my journey with my son’s autism and writing has helped me immensely. I will share your blog with my friend so she can reach out to you if she wants. Stay strong…hope, love, and acceptance will get you through….Tim

  4. hey there, i would like to talk with same one.with EDS.i havent talk to same one with eds raely.thank you.